Most Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas

Due to increasing demand for mushroom, most of the farmers are getting attracted towards its cultivation. It can be started with low cost and less space and more profits can be earned. Mushroom cultivation is considered very beneficial.

Mushroom Farming

By setting up a greenhouse you can produce many types of vegetables and fruits. And can be produced from greenhouse all year round, it can be started even with small space.

Greenhouse Farming

The demand for organic farming is continuously increasing. By adopting organic farming methods for fruits, vegetables and grains, you can earn more profits.

Organic Farming

With this system, many types of fruits and vegetables can be cultivated in one unit of land. And along with this, animal husbandry can also be done and more profits can be earned.

Livestock Farming

With this system of farming, you can get more yield from a small space. And can also get more attractive prices due to year round availability.

Vertical Farming